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Am I Totally Screwed Or Can I Somehow Salvage This Computer?

Of course not! November 2011, 0:51 Reducing the temperature of a drive, and then letting it get back to room-temperature will NOT cause "water" or "condensation" inside. Latest OS update killed Firefox and a few other apps. Just my two cents. Source

However, I now notice that it flashes in exact synchronization with the CD drive light, which is on the side of the laptop where I don't normally see it. My mum's computer just died and i thought, "i wonder if HTG has anything?" July 14, 2008 SuAlfons Hi! They just made it. The problem could be memory, motherboard, or just with the cdrom itself.

Serve with extra pesto. I do not work for 1Password, and I am also not a fan of the 1Password for families. Critical is fine, but if you’re rude, we’ll delete your stuff. Here is the problem: I tried to copy Documents and settings and get a message: "Error while copying "DSCF9166.JPG".

Now that you have the boot cd (which you should keep in a safe place, as it's very useful), just stick it in the drive of the computer and boot from For mere mortals there is MacPilot that gives you the GUI to really get down into your machine and be master and commander. September 15, 2008 freddy Seems to be a bit of a long winded approach, but for a free solution, not bad. If yes, I would say that this is fair...

As long as that file was there, the infection kept coming back. A place to buy SSDs for Mac: http://eshop.macsales.com/shop/SSD/OWC/ Great for Mac news and performance info: http://www.anandtech.com/tag/mac This article may help: http://hpowercomputing.com/solid-state-drives-vs-hard-disk-drives LikeLike Reply Alex Russel — July 18, 2011 at 7:36 Not just logins but all your software licensing info, credit cards and financial info, secret notes, all taggable and under lock and key in one convenient package. http://newwikipost.org/topic/2aK5DbUBTTMO9unSrfD2d72mEmzHt06v/trying-to-salvage-old-XP-computer.html If you see any red results, they were likely the cause of your Mac's problems Restart your Mac (making sure to select ‘Restart' from the hard drive, not the DVD) Did

I had Fedora Code(FC) 6 and XP Enterprise Installed in my hard drive. To hell with them. I was able to save stuff this time but I lost alot of Emails. I work shift work and wonder if this is messing everything up, metablolizm wise.

Developer innocent xD" And the military comment was a joke and poking fun at you. Is there a simple way to sleep soundly at night? sXeGreatness >I don't think you understand. Software development is always gonna be a fucking mess, even for long-time veteran developers.

Thanks Jose LikeLike Reply Daisy — July 17, 2011 at 1:03 pm Surprised you didn't already have an SSD..not ‘new'! RdJokr tried so hard to explain this, just like I am. A suggestion: update the article to remind the user that he might need to make a bios change to get the pc to boot from a cd. Hardware is cheap, time is not.

Vanilla_Gorilla That gun is also great in core games as well. ….which my son plays mostly core….. Does anyone have suggestions as to what I need to do?] Did you burn the boot disk as an image file(ISO) ? I went with Backblaze for a while. It's easy as pie! 1)Turn off your computer. 2) Hold down Command-Option-P-R and turn on your computer. 3) Wait until you hear the SECOND startup beep.

I cannot stress this enough. My goal was to listen to the book during my commute and/or while working out. Tony tonydow ✭ May 2016 Although I addressed the previous post to two users, I would welcome comment from support staff as well.

After all, one of the reasons Windows systems get corrupted and won't work is down to virus infections.

I ran a diagnostic on it and it said my computer didn't have a hard drive so I know it's not reading it. This software can. Any help would be great, thanks! After an afternoon of running around, frantically looking for eggs filled with candy and coins we most certainly worked up an appetite.

So, I put a notice out on the Internets asking for help and learned a lot about Macs in the process. Booted from the cd and restored the image via the lan to the new hard disk Rebooted the laptop and all works. (The 3 bad sectors has files which she does One remains on-site hooked up to the iMac, the other is off-site, and they're swapped weekly. You have the wrong idea of what I'm trying to do here.

Finding the reason to why something stopped working partially, completely or just isn't working as intended is like hell. In case of a real disaster, I'd be able to grab any recent Mac and restore my system from the off-site clone. They OWN Call of Duty. You have apologized and I accept and trust that things will improve going forward. (What about putting a notifications widget in the 1Password app to communicate items of significance?) Thank you

What i won't excuse is lack of common features not being in the game. They've got bugs to fix, while still having to put more microtransaction shit in because Activision says so. I wish I could give you better news but this is the reality. Instead, like many other users, I got caught out and had to call someone at home at 2 AM to read me a 20 character long password over the phone while

One of my ideas I don't have time for but im sure someone like us is working on it as we speak. I burned the disc several times (on both CDs and DVDs) and I have tried using the slowest write rate possible, but it makes no difference. CentOS? Have JUST the basic clean Mac (or PC) setup.

Am a little skeptical about partitioning from the LiveCD and messing with my Windows files (unbacked up). You are being so ignorant to that that I'm not sure if you're trolling or not. If you feel like blaming the wrong company makes you feel better then go ahead. There are also free stuff out there.

Oh damn the time is running out! but none is automaticly found,. But ok, just waiting until wave of anger is over seems like option as well. But ok maybe it is cheaper to loose customer instead of keeping that customer with recurring money even if it is $12.

Great computer by the way. I understand that this game has been developed for three years.