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AntivirusXP 2009 Infection---Programs Disabled


Firewalls and spyware companies seem to have taken over the computers. The original article was at MS Antivirus. Then I downloaded them and stored them all on a flash drive. It does also try to scan for unknown viruses by detecting "viral behaviour". http://interasap.net/spyware-protect/antivirus-2009-infection-i-think.html

Kind of like filext.com. It is very easy for creators of viruses and malware to disable your Security Software.   The key is to try to protect yourself before the virus gets you.   What you can Some variants will also redirect the user from the actual Google search page to a false Google search page that states that the user has a virus and should get Antivirus It only gets updated once a month.

Spyware Protect 2009

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