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ASUS Laptop And Homegroup Showing Up When It Wants To ?


When trying to open these files through "homegroup", nothing happens, but when trying to open through the "workgroup", a user/password are requested and no user/password combination works. tom0063 says: 6 years ago I tried all of the above, none of it worked. If you're asked to change the network privacy settings on your computer, be sure to choose Private rather than Public. if none of that works,open Device Manager and under Network Adapters,look for Microsoft Toredo Tunneling Adapter,and see if there's a yellow triangle by it.You may have to use View/Show hidden devices.If navigate here

Again, I have no difficulties creating or seeing the members of the HomeGroup, I just can't get access to any files. I could see the other computer but not open any of the documents, music, etc. jmflint says: 7 years ago My scenario: Windows 7 on a wired desktop, Windows 7 on a wireless laptop. The problem is that only a fraction of my library seems to show up.

You've Been Invited To Join A Homegroup Windows 10

You should start by going down this Homegroup trouble shooting guide and make sure all settings are correct. It shows an error code of -2147467262 (0x80004002). Steve Fogarty says: 6 years ago Solution found. Any resolve for this?

Also view or print the homegroup password is grayed out. Thanks for the great article which explains a lot. They would intermittently communicate and then not be able to see one another. Homegroup Not Showing Up Windows 10 Is there something I'm doing wrong?

JacodaBunz says: 6 years ago Hey there, great post, but I am still having issues and I just don't know what to do anymore. Remove Homegroup Invite Not sure what's wrong. I'm sure it was a combination of doing everything on this post and then rebooting everything in the world. Still no good.

I do not have the following in my regestry In the right pane, DisabledComponents. Can T Connect To Homegroup It's completey irrelevant. the old computer is using htc tethering to push internet thru Belkin router thru a bridged network on the old computer. But the one laptop running Windows 7 Ultimate, while it can access the other laptop and the desktop, they cannot access it's files.

Remove Homegroup Invite

If you figure it out let me know!! http://www.sevenforums.com/network-sharing/100315-homegroup-one-computer-will-not-show.html If your PCs are identically named, your homegroup will not recognize one or the other computer, or you may have other issues. You've Been Invited To Join A Homegroup Windows 10 ForGoodOrForAwesome Ars Scholae Palatinae Registered: Apr 11, 2005Posts: 683 Posted: Sun Sep 01, 2013 7:56 am I'm not quite sure I understand how I would connect to the other computers directly. Remove Homegroup Invitation This is not a major problem as my router firewall protects everything incoming and I control my home network, however, I would like to know how to change my firewall settings

This is extremely important if you’re working in a company or if you want to share files between two computers. check over here however ur article says I should be able to change the wired connection …. I did not see anything in the router that would block it. I found several of these services set on MANUAL by the way , but having set them all to AUTOMATIC hasn't changed anything here. How To Reset Homegroup Windows 10

Quorry says: 6 years ago I have a simple system with two computers running Windows 7. When check the boxes to allow library sharing on the desktop computer and save, the next time I check it out, the boxes are no longer checked. So for the problem PC you would need to go into the sharing and permissions and allow at least one of the Homegroup folders to be shared. his comment is here Thanks.

Network and Sharing Windows 10 Homegroup ?Have they removed this feature? Windows No Longer Detects A Homegroup On This Network Windows 10 Those microsoft tutorial videos are a [email protected]##[email protected]%! Thanks, and have a great weekend:) Patrick.

Can anyone explain why my dtop "HOMEGROUP" icon is limited in this way ?

I made sure file and printer sharing was enable on the PC. Some of my Folders weren't showing up, despite having gone to the top Folder Menu > Share, clicking HomeGroup(View and Edit) and ensured it was showing as Shared. DWQuinn says: 6 years ago I have a desktop and two laptops running Windows 7. Can't Leave Homegroup Windows 10 Much appreciated!

http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials...ns.html?filter Other times you sometimes need to set certain services to automatic which should help make your machine appear on the Homegroup list of the other machine. Can't find the Homegroup setting? Both are running on Win7. weblink VariousArtist says: 7 years ago Homegroups worked fine for a while, but something has gone wrong recently.

Nothing happens when I click on "View or print the Homegroup password." If I attempt to change the password I always get the message "Windows cannot set up a Homegroup on I have a lan connected pc and laptop via router… kirby says: 5 years ago i have a question about this setting up home-group. One under the three licesnse is hardwired to a router, the other 3 are wireless. In need of assistance.

purushottamaher said: then you have to enter there you computer Username and Password only not the Router Password. I suppose , if I wanted to investigate this further, I could remove both PC'S and re-do the join-up? The laptop is connected to a Belkin N wireless router and i have the PC connected directly to it. I am wondering if maybe there is a file or registry entry on Laptop 2 associated with the original Homegroup that needs to be deleted or reset manually.

When an Open is attempted, the cursor just sits there with the wait icon, and then stops. I had to reduce some compontents out of the normal Win 7 installation package by using vLite. Mr.Green says: 6 years ago I have three computers.